Bridging Faiths: The United Religious Community of St. Joseph County

At a time defined by religious division worldwide, it could be easy to overlook the remarkable organizations that are striving to transcend boundaries and bring people of different faiths together.  The United Religious Community (URC) stands as a testament to the enduring power of unity and cooperation among diverse religious traditions, as they quietly but profoundly impact lives, while striving to create a more harmonious and inclusive community.

The URC’s mission is three-fold:

  • To encourage religious cooperation and understanding.
  • To seek to effect constructive social change.
  • To serve as advocates for those seeking to meet life’s basic needs.

Since its origination in December 1942 and re-founding in 1972 as an interfaith organization, the URC has emerged in response to the growing need for unity and solidarity among various faith communities. Led by a board of directors whose members serve a 3-year term, the board is widely representative of the interfaith community of St. Joseph County and is elected by the membership of URC at its annual meeting.

The URC has come a long way since its inception but still faces many challenges in its mission to create a more just and inclusive society. The need for increased community engagement, fundraising, and outreach remains paramount. However, the organization's dedication to its core principles and its history of resilience give hope for a brighter future. It relies heavily on the dedication of religious leaders and volunteers from different faith backgrounds, as their collective efforts showcase the power of unity in action, through interfaith dialogue and collaboration.

The URC also actively engages with the community through various programs and services, providing emergency assistance to those in need. In addition to its extensive work fostering interfaith dialogue and emergency assistance, the URC has also played a significant role in refugee resettlement efforts. Recognizing the global refugee crisis as a humanitarian challenge that transcends religious and cultural boundaries, URC has also partnered with global agencies and faith communities to provide essential support to displaced individuals and families. Through its refugee resettlement initiative, the organization offers crucial services, helping to ensure that displaced people can rebuild their lives with dignity and a sense of belonging in a new community. The URC's commitment to welcoming and integrating refugees reflects its dedication to promoting compassion, empathy, and cooperation among people of different faiths.

Congratulations to Executive Director, John Pinter; board members; staff; and volunteers of the United Religious Community of St. Joseph County, the Indiana Trust Nonprofit Spotlight award recipient for December 2023! The URC is just one example of how faith-based organizations can play a pivotal role in fostering interfaith understanding, promoting social change, and serving their communities.

Pictured, left to right:  John Pinter, Executive Director at United Religious Community of St. Joseph County; and Tina M. Patton, CSOP™, CISM®, Vice President, Director of Nonprofit & Foundation Engagement at Indiana Trust Wealth Management.

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