Amid the bustling city streets and high-rise buildings of downtown South Bend lies a critical support day center for marginalized women and children, many of whom are literally subsisting on society's edge. This sanctuary is St. Margaret's House: a place where community is cultivated, lives are changed, and the very essence of compassion in action is at work inside its walls.

Founded more than three decades ago, St. Margaret's House has dedicated itself to the mission of providing a sense of community and basic assistance for some of the area’s most vulnerable women and children.  Here, in this sacred space, the chains of isolation and shame are not only broken, but replaced with understanding, compassion, and a sense of belonging. 

At St. Margaret's House, the age-old philosophy of 'gospel hospitality' has been supported by the belief that every woman, regardless of the trauma, addiction, or challenges they face, deserves the opportunity to heal – and St. Margaret's House has been a nurturing community for countless women and children who are struggling to survive.

A quick glimpse into their annual statistics paints a clear picture of the profound impact they have in South Bend. In 2022 alone, St. Margaret’s House welcomed more than 1,200 women and 400 children into their fold, serving more than 15,000 meals, providing more than 11,000 clothing items, distributing more than 800 toiletry kits, and providing the opportunity for more than 1,500 hot showers.  Additional services provided by the organization include access to essential utilities such as computers, phones, and the internet, as well as guidance on housing, employment, and education. 

Their approach is holistic and inclusive. With programs ranging from trauma-informed practices like S.E.L.F. and Parenting from the Heart, to yoga, meditation, and community-building circles, St. Margaret's House doesn't just aim to provide relief but focuses on comprehensive healing and development. Their empowerment and engagement classes, including the artisanal Silk Creations enterprise program, where women are taught the art of rendering one-of-a-kind, hand-painted/dyed designs on silk scarves which are sold to the public to help support the mission, offer women opportunities for apprenticeship and skill development. 

Beyond these services, a visit to their website reveals a deeper dive into their storied history, testimonials from those they've touched, and a myriad of opportunities for the broader community to get involved. Whether through financial support, volunteering, or simply spreading the word, St. Margaret's House extends an open invitation for the community to join in their mission. Their legacy of hospitality and unyielding vision for a better future for the women and children who come through their doors serves as a testament to the vital nature of the services they provide.

For November 2023, the Indiana Trust Nonprofit Spotlight award is presented St. Margaret’s House – congratulations to Katie Elliot, Executive Director, as well as her amazing staff, dedicated volunteers, and the community members they serve!  In a world where division often takes center stage, St. Margaret's House serves as a timely reminder of the transformative power of compassion, community, and shared purpose! 

Pictured above at the Indiana Trust Nonprofit Spotlight check presentation for St. Margaret’s House are Julia Lincicum, Guest Services Associate at St. Margaret’s House (back row, far left); Katie Elliot, Executive Director at St. Margaret’s House (back row, second from left); Tina M. Patton, CSOP™, CISM®, Vice President, Director of Nonprofit & Foundation Engagement at Indiana Trust Wealth Management (back row, second from right); Angela Blake, Assistant Director of Guest Services at St. Margaret’s House (back row, far right); Barb Bailey, Coordinator of In-Kind Donations at St. Margaret’s House (front row, second from left); Doni Funkhouser, Director of Art Programming at St. Margaret’s House (front row, second from right); as well as several members of the St. Margaret’s House community.

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Sources:; 2022 statistics from St. Margaret’s House publication, “Creating community. Changing lives.”

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Indiana Trust Wealth Management launched the Indiana Trust Nonprofit Spotlight program initiative in January 2021, which consists of recognizing, rewarding, and promoting a nonprofit organization in one or more of the company’s footprint areas on a monthly basis, as a way to highlight various nonprofit organizations throughout the year and bring attention to the good work being done in the communities they serve. Under the Nonprofit Spotlight initiative, the nonprofit organization will receive a $1,000 corporate donation and be eligible for employee gift-matching throughout the year. David R. Kibbe, JD, President & CEO, states, “As a majority employee-owned company, matching our employees’ contributions is an opportunity for Indiana Trust to support those nonprofits whose missions connect with our employees."

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